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Nuit de Noel
Perfume Extract

Nuit de Noel Perfume Extract Nuit de Noel Perfume Extract Nuit de Noel Perfume Extract Nuit de Noel Perfume Extract Nuit de Noel Perfume Extract

Price: £234.00
Size: 28ml
Fragrance Category: Oriental

Top Notes: Rose, jasmine, tuberose, ylang ylang
Heart Notes: Mouse de Saxe (geranium, licorice, leather, idodine)
Base Notes: Sandalwood, vanillin, musk

Created in 1922 and reportedly the perfumer Daltroff's Christmas gift to Felicie Wanpouille (she is said to have loved Christmas Eve and the scent of warm furs and incense), Nuit de Noel is considered one of Caron's most legendary perfumes. The perfumer Robert Guy unashamedly revered Nuit de Noel and admitted using its Saxon Moss back notes in both his famous creations: Madam Rochas and Caleche. It was also said to have strongly influenced Chanel 19, Habanita, and Shocking.

The notes are mae rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, lily of the valley and iris, over the Saxon Moss heart (geranium, licorice, leather and iodine) with a 25% sandalwood and vanillin base. The perfume extract, bottled in an iconic black glass bottle with a gold band is still in production.

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