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Tabac Blond
Eau de Parfum

Tabac Blond Eau de Parfum Tabac Blond Eau de Parfum Tabac Blond Eau de Parfum Tabac Blond Eau de Parfum Tabac Blond Eau de Parfum

Price: £137.00
Size: 50ml Spray
Fragrance Category: Leather Oriental

Top Notes: Iris
Base Notes: Leather, cedar, blond tabacco

The Great War has ended and for a while a new optimistic mood envelopes Europe. The fashionable look, known as "comme le garcon" ("like the boy") which brings in straightened and shortened skirts, no corset or bustle, and short boyish haircut, reflects a social trend for greater liberation of women. To the shock of the establishment women dated without chaperones (Felicie and Ernest themselves had an open, and for the time controversial, relationship out of wedlock), danced lewdly to the Charleston and, as celebrated by this fragrance, for the first time smoked in public, something that previously a "lady" could never be seen doing (one cigarette manufacturer of the time went so far as to market cigarettes as "beacons of liberation").

Caron were on the cutting edge of this social rebellion with Tabac Blond, created in 1919 with the unique scent of undried blond tabacco (blond Virginia tabacco being considered effete and unmanly anyway by cigar smokers). To this day considered a very offbeat fragrance, and one that is not universally revered, the scent has been described as non-floral, dry, sombre and earthy, leather and amber, spicy, heavy, oriental and, to all appearances, more androgynous than feminine. But, just as Guerlain's 'Jicky' began life marketed as a masculine scent, that of course was really the point. It became a scent in tune with the times and one which even today has the power to shock.

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