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Ambre Fetiche
Eau de Parfum 50ml

Ambre Fetiche Eau de Parfum 50ml Ambre Fetiche Eau de Parfum 50ml Ambre Fetiche Eau de Parfum 50ml Ambre Fetiche Eau de Parfum 50ml Ambre Fetiche Eau de Parfum 50ml

Price: £89.00
Size: 50ml
Fragrance Category: Oriental Leather

Top Notes: Geranium, iris, pink pepper
Heart Notes: Lavender, cistus labdanum
Base Notes: Benzoin, frnincense, patchouli, styrax, Russian leather

This fragrance is the first of the four that make up the “Les Orientalistes” range, created by Camille Goutal as a collection in their own right, and is quite unlike the other fragrances in the range. Here, she was inspired by the priceless treasure of the orient, amber. Amber is bewitching and reminiscent of the splendour and mysteries of the region. It is warm and shimmering yet intense. The fragrance leads us on a journey to the land of precious essences and of wondrous opulence. It is a olfactory stroll through oases, desert sands and spice markets ….Smell the fragrance and let yourself get carried away.

Ingredients notes:
  • Cistus Labdanum (also called 'rock rose') is a resin oil that is rich warm, spicy and a bit lemon-like. It is similar to incense, with a distinct balsamic note. It helps round off a fragrance for a subtle, earthy aroma;
  • Benzoin is a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees in Thailand and Indonesia;
  • Styrax is a genus of about 130 species of large shrubs or small trees, mostly native to warm temperate to tropical regions of the Northern Hemisphere with the majority in eastern and south-eastern Asia. Benzoin resin comes from a type of Sytrax tree

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